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     At morning, when taxi drop off, we goes to my classroom and I have no class in all period so we have a field trip to Alcatraz Island with a few students that already signed up and give back to teacher so we qualified field trip for more fun and interesting about The museum. We are ready and visit busloop at 8:15 am so the bus leave from my high school at 8:30 am. They drive to San Francisco where we went to Alcatraz Island. Although we have tickets so we enter to Alcatraz cruise to travel through the ocean. We place that cruise arrived to Alcatraz Island and we goes see announcer that described the rules in Alcatraz Island. We walked and following their way to see from Alcatraz Island and we see movie theater first. For instance, we knows and interesting about the people who was slaves and lives in jail. For each year. Although this is only a museum that tells about long years ago that peoples are slave and where they are in prison. Also we do anything to see inside Alcatraz Island for 2 hours. When we are finished surrounded the museum, then we goes to store where Alcatraz have inside so I don't buy something and I just look around someone. Before we leave from museum and we go back to dock where we have lunch at 12pm.

   When we finished eating lunch, we are ready for leaving from Alcatraz Island back to San Francisco for few hour. We decides to stay for while that all students and teacher asking that goes and do something for same time and wants to do someone they would like. Finally, the bus is here so we leaving from San Francisco to back to my high school before we went home soon at 3:12 pm. 

Have fun for take field trip! 

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  At evening, we are ready to see Shen Yun performance after finished eating dinner. I am going with my mom, brother, grandmother, dad, and music teacher are together with us. So we are leaving at 6pm before finished see performance at 10pm. Now, we are changed the fancy outfits for watching Shen Yun performance and we waiting for my mom to printed from her MacBook Air to get their ticket for entry the theater to watch performance. So we hurry to dressed before the performance is ready for tonight. That's because the performance was really splendid and interesting with a new show.

  Have a wonderful time for watching performance!

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  • Eating: Mom's dinner plan
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  Everyone there!,
  Today, I and my family went to Squaw Valley from Lake Tahoe for 6 hours in the morning. Although my mom are driving us to Squaw Valley from Lake Tahoe for first time. But, that's why because at last my dad always driving us in there for about two times in whole time.

  In Lake Tahoe, the weather was really cold and we are traveling to Squaw Valley for doing snowboarding with my brother Shawn. My deaf teacher named Dan, he was really good at snowboarding as him as I do. After finished practice snowboarding in the morning, we go back and have lunch break as rest befor he and I practice again until 1pm.

  When the snowboard class was over at 4pm this afternoon, we are ready to changing something comfortable and warm that we are finished doing snowboard. Even though my mom wants to buy a new snowboard boots for my owner new snowboard. As exactly, at last years my deaf teacher told my parents that I was really good at snowboarding and also bought a new snowboard. 

  In conclusion, we are going to eat dinner tonight after my mom driving as half before finished eating dinner and now my dad is his turn to driving home that my mom already driving in the morning and afternoon instead of evening. So we are almost went home by pass as far from downtown at San Francisco. Finally, now we are now home. We are still kind of tired after picking up the things from my mom's car backdoor and also we are home now.

  Enjoying for traveling
  Have fun for winter break everyone!

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  .:Merry x mas:. 

  We enjoyed for Christmas time and have a wonderful winter break so I just relaxing at my home and have more fun after high school was the last day on this Friday for minimum day. So we have something more fun for Christmas during winter break for vacation.

  As experience, All locations are closed in Christmas Day and all of them are enjoying stay at our home and relaxing as warm in my house as long as it also have a lot of good thing as normal forever.

 For instance, tomorrow I and my family are going to Squaw Valley from Lake Tahoe. And I And my brother Shawn, we are doing snowboarding together with my deaf teacher, but I'm good at snowboarding and my brother is the first of doing snowboarding likes I do. So the deaf teacher was really kind, nice, and good at snowboarding likes us.

  Enjoying for Christmas time. Blower fella (Party) ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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  Hi everyone! I'm Nicole Kong. I am deaf and sign language so I always wearing CI (cochlear implant) that can hear someone who call me. As experience, she is the one that knowing about their interesting from yours so I can see your new watching. And as clearly, I always speak English instead Chinese languages. Have a good day and nice meet you.💎 

  So as instance, I always commenting to the other deviantart with exceptional art, but I'm nervous that I need something to asking for your permission with a gift for their friends. As long as I'm starting in January 1 after Happy New Year Eve from December 31, 2016 before year of 2016 will changed into 2017. * * * * 

 Also my submission have core on it, but I don't have enough Deviantart free points for access the core so I have 47 points that is from my badges, there was the sign of Llama Trade.

  As clearly, I hope everyone knows all was really good at this time and enjoying for Christmas Eve. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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