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In scrapyard, I walked around somewhere I doing today.

"I wonder that I need something better to do in scrapyard" Nicole wondered with my idea, " I think that need the better one than getting bored for while that I would likes to do with the things from Denny."

I walked continues without take something without my choice so I would want to keep going to see the other things there.

"I guess that it just my idea as imagination with the things forever" Nicole thinking as guess about walking around in the scrapyard, "Well, I don't think that is it looks okay when I needed to share with them without stand still as bored for all times this per hour."

Although I noticed that what was happened that who was stand still without doing anything to do nothing in scrapyard.

"Russell..." Nicole scene and noticed he is, though Russell turn around and see me is doing, "Oh, Nicole..." Russell answered back.

I thought that Russell is kind of serious and alone that his daddy was with team Autobots to go around and find something from the different places for long hour before they arrived back for evening.

"Russell, what's wrong with here??" Nicole wondered and goes to Russell and explaining what was wrong with him this time.

"Hmmm, I don't know that my daddy that I must to stay because I feel bored and doing something without asking and won't accept the word so I get pretty serious as bored." Russell answered with concernly about Denny say.

"Oh, poor Russell, this is kind of sympathic about wants to go out with your daddy and team Autobots are leaving." Nicole comfort Russell about won't with his dad and team Autobots.

Russell heard that Nicole answered with familiar voice, "Awww, you such a kind girl." Russell little smile at me.

Fortunately, Fixit, Windblade, and I stay in scrapyard, though I asked Russell that he felt a lot of problem that he wanted to go together. When Windblade coming and saw Nicole is asking Russell about wanted to go together, but she thought he was probably bored and doesn't want to stay for long time so she have an idea to trying and promise to him as we should support them more patient. Though Windblade came and asking Russell to supporting them and trying to not get impatient so everyone would know and control their life. Russell felt surprise that he heard Windblade's voice and noticed likes I did so he knows that it will been more patient and keeping calm.

"Russell, I knew that this was hard to asking about wanted to go together, right." Windblade asked to Russell, "That's why you always save the other relationship last time correct. Also you was really brave boy so you already did that before so Nicole is always keep quiet without get bored and impatient about nothing."

Russell wondering carefully about Windblade is say, "Hmm, I think Nicole is pretty normal with her mind with personality."

Windblade smiled at Russell, "Exactly, that's what she is always doing something fun."

And Russell is blushing that Windblade is looks pretty nice likes me.

"Don't worry Russell, Nicole and I trust you. You'll be fine now." Windblade said with familiar.

"Windblade's right, trust your heart too, Russell." Nicole is on the right side and said with familiar like Windblade say.

"Heh! yep!, Thank" Russell answered and supporting them.

Finally, he is more comfort as happy about Windblade and I do with him to be more care as much promise with their mind.
This story is about Russell with his mind that he feels bored about wanted to go together, but they won't accept him because they is looks oldest. So Nicole and Windblade decides to help and supporting him with his promise and trusting his heart more patience.

Here is the part: Trust your heart

Transformers: RID 2015 is from Hasbro
Nicole Kong is from me

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